DogWould Landscaping Ltd

Wildlife Friendly

Naturalized styles can include Backyard Habitats or simply include more native plant varieties in landscape desighns.


DogWould targets the three “B’s”.  These are Bats, Birds & Butterflies.

Butterfly Gardens can include plant material for the larval or caterpillar stage, along with flowering plants to attract adult insects.  Including plant material for larval butterflies is an important gesture, since so much land is cleared for development.


Birds can find useful elements in the heights and arrangements of plants.  Selecting plants with persistent fruit can offer something for winter.  Water is also an important element.


All local bats are insectivores.  If you don’t like mosquitoes, learn to like bats.  Most bats migrate into the area for the summer, then return south for the winter.  There are a couple of species that stay year round.  Whether they migrate or not, they look for specifically sized spaces to sleep during the day.


We also like to encourage native frogs and salamanders, but since they don’t fly, it may be a long wait for them to show up.