DogWould Landscaping Ltd

Seasonal Interest

Seasonal Interest can be accomplished in a number of ways.  Shrubs with fall color, persistent berries, evergreens, or graceful branch structures to collect snow.  Perennial gardens including grasses, thistle, coneflowers, or other plants that leave interesting structures above ground are another solution.  Annuals are of course a flashy accent, and help bridge small periods of time between blooming plants. 


Containers and planters

These can be a big part of adding seasonal interest.

In small spaces, or to emphasize an area, containers of annuals can be changed quarterly or bi-annually.  They add colorful accents to any space.



Evaluate your yard and how you use it.  Have your family’s needs changed?  Did you add a pet, a child, or want to use the back yard more?  Do you just want to add something interesting like a water feature, a vegetable garden, perennial bed, or play area?



This is when to plant bulbs for spring.

A careful pruning of flowering shrubs, with winter in mind is a good thing to do. 

Containers can be changed for Halloween & Thanksgiving.

Hardscape can be done so that next spring beds and new spaces are ready to be planted.




Containers can be a colorful way to keep outside interest.

We can help decorate for the holidays, however you celebrate the season.

We can supply, setup, light and decorate indoor trees, as well as light outdoor trees



Spring clean-up.  Time to trim back dried stalks from last year, and the die back from flowering shrubs.

Clean and change containers for summer.

Summer bulbs can be planted now.